Auburn to allow dog leash in dorms

Auburn to allow dog leash in dorms

August 7, 2021 Comments Off on Auburn to allow dog leash in dorms By admin

Auburn’s president, Al Golden, announced Tuesday that the school will allow dogs in dormitory spaces.

Golden said dogs will be allowed to use the dorms during the week and during the academic year. 

“The dorms are open to students,” he said.

“We’re going to make sure that students are able to do what they do and feel comfortable in there.

And so we’re going back to our original plan and we’re just going to keep it moving forward.” 

Students can use the facilities to socialize with one another, and will not have to go to the dog park or the veterinary office for health care.

The university has not had a dog-related incident since 2012.

Golden was asked about the decision to allow dogs into dorm rooms, and said that while the decision was made for health and safety reasons, he also said he was happy to see dogs in the dorm areas. 

Auburn has allowed dogs into its campus since at least 2002, when it became the first university in the nation to allow students to own and keep pets. 

In addition to allowing dogs to be in dorm rooms in some cases, Golden said the new policy allows students to bring dogs to the campus and bring pets to their rooms. 

He said that the policy allows the university to continue to work with local animal control agencies to make the campus safe for students and to make pets available for students who want them. 

Golden said the university has been using the new policies to make a difference on campus.

“We’re not letting students go on the road without a leash,” he told reporters.

“And we’re not putting people in cages or keeping them in cages. 

According to the university’s annual report, Auburn’s overall student body is about 75 percent female and has about 10,000 students. 

This will be a great opportunity for us to continue that to bring people together. 

 “We have so many things going on, and this is a great time to be out there.”

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