Dog leash girl gets lighted for dogs

Dog leash girl gets lighted for dogs

August 17, 2021 Comments Off on Dog leash girl gets lighted for dogs By admin

A Canadian teen has had a lighted dog leash installed in her home to keep her dog’s leash from becoming a distraction for her other dogs.

The leash, which she says she’s owned since she was six months old, was installed last week at the home of 18-year-old Laura Schott.

It’s not clear how much money Schott made from selling the lighted leash, but it was an expensive item to build, she said.

Schott, who is now 19, says she bought the light up because she thought she’d become too busy to use the leash when she was a teenager.

Schott says she has owned the light for about a year, and it’s been a blessing.

She said it makes her feel less lonely, but also helps keep her family’s dogs safe.

“I like it,” she said of the leash, adding that she hopes the light will help other parents with young children.

“It keeps the dogs safe, and I like that.

It keeps my kids safe.”

The light, which is made out of a black and white plastic rod, comes with a small LED indicator, which Schott said will only light up when it’s being used in a safe way.

Schot says the LED lights are also designed to last for a few years.

She said she’s hoping the light can help other families with young dogs who don’t have their own lighted leashes.

“My kids are pretty shy, so it makes it really easy for them to get away,” she explained.

“When I go home, I like to go to the dog park, so I get my dog there and get the light out.

I think it’s nice.”

Schott said the leash has been a hit with her kids, who have enjoyed using it more than they ever thought possible.

“They’ve asked me all sorts of questions about it and they’re so excited, they’re all super excited, but I think they’re going to love it,” Schott explained.

“They’re like, ‘I’ve never seen anything like this before.'”

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