Inside the world of the imaginary dog leash

Inside the world of the imaginary dog leash

August 2, 2021 Comments Off on Inside the world of the imaginary dog leash By admin

Dog leashes are no longer just for kids.

They’re part of everyday life, as are the “real” dog-friendly things people do with their pets.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular imaginary dog leashes, including one that lets you strap a GoPro to your dog’s collar and share your life story with the world.


PetSmart DogLeash by PetSmart and Dog-Friendly Company 1.0 by Pet-Friendy Company 2.

Pet-friendly Dog Leash by Paws 2.0 3.

Dog-friendly PuppyLeash from PetSmart 4.1 by Pugs 4.2 by PetFusion 5.

PetLeash with a Purpose by Pins 1.6 6.

Pet Leash with Love by Pet Lease 7.

Pet leash for pets article 10 pet leashes you should know about: 1.

A dog leash that looks just like a real leash for dogs.


A homemade pet leash made from real dog fur.


A faux dog leash with fake teeth and teeth marks.


A handmade dog leash made by a professional.


A real dog leash.


A cute homemade dog leash for kids that’s a little different from the others.


A great handmade dog leash made from a real dog.


A DIY DIY DIY dog leash and clip from the makers of the best dog leash clips and dog leash straps.


A crafty DIY DIY pet leash for adults.


A pet leash that’s easy to install and secure.

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