New York Rangers have a new outdoor dog leash with stretchy pads

New York Rangers have a new outdoor dog leash with stretchy pads

August 7, 2021 Comments Off on New York Rangers have a new outdoor dog leash with stretchy pads By admin

NEW YORK — New York’s New York Ranger training staff has a new, high-tech, stretchy dog-leash for use in training and other outdoor activities.

The new leash, the first of its kind for the New York area, has been designed by Dogpatch Dog, which also made the stretchy leash for the Boston Bruins.

New York and Boston are among the cities that have approved the leash.

The New York-based company says the leash will increase dog-training productivity and reduce stress.

It will also save lives, the company says.

It is designed for dogs up to 50 pounds and is available for purchase online.

A stretchy, padded pad is attached to the leash by a string to prevent scratching and keep it flexible.

New Jersey and New York have already been using the leash to train and supervise dogs, but there is no similar leash for outdoor activities, which is where the New Jersey leash will come in.

The leash is also designed to keep animals in place when walking and for dogs to learn to stand and sit.

Dogs and other animals are not allowed on leash at the new park, which opens in July, though the leash is not a safety feature.

The dogs on the leash in the park will be the same size as the ones in the training center at the Boston-based Dogpatch, which has been training dogs since the 1980s.

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